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There are a number of options you can choose from when you elect to make a booking with us. You can either visit our website at or alternatively visit any participitating Pick n Pay store. Most stores that have a money counter would be able to assist you to book a bus ticket. Please note if you do use our website to book, you can still make payment for your ticket at a participating Pick n Pay store.

Yes, your ticket can be resent to you via e-mail, whether you book online or instore. When you book in store, your till slip serves as your bus ticket.

Please contact us, we will confirm your booking and send you your ticket.

This differs per service provider. If you require special assistance to board the bus and to disembark please contact the service provider directly, in advance, either before booking your ticket or once you have confirmed to make arrangements. Please note that once you confirm your ticket we may not be in a position to assist you to obtain a refund after the sale has been completed.

You may only book for up to 10 passengers in one transaction.


You can choose to pay using a credit card (VISA, Mastercard or American Express) or at your nearest Pick n Pay. Please note that the time limit you have to pay is linked to your time of departure. If you are set to depart within 12 hours it is recommended that you make use of a money counter to book and pay for your ticket in store. If you do not pay for your ticket within the requested time limit the ticket will lapse and you will need to make a new booking. No other credit card is accepted.

Yes, abolutely! Nothing is more important to us than privacy and the integrity of your personal information. Our website is protected with Thawte SGC-enabled SSL Certificates and displays Thawte Secured Seal on secure pages.

Please try your booking again in case it was just an error with the website or your bank, or alternatively you can pay using a different method of payment. If you are still not able to confirm your booking please contact us to assist you.


Your ticket can be viewed at the bottom of your till slip. This can be used to board the bus together wtih your ID or passport.

Please contact us so that we can resnd your ticket to you. You don't require a ticket to board the bus as you will be on the manifest, but if you need the details of your departure point and time, please have the ticket resent.


Kindly contact Flightsite directly on 087 350 1369 o via email at Please be advised that cancellation is subject to the terms and conditions of respective bus company.

Kindly contact Flightsite directly on 087 350 1369 o via email at Please be advised that this is subject to the terms and conditions of respective bus company.

Uselful information

This depends on the bus company providing the service. As a general rule animals are not permitted to travel with you, with the exception of trained guide dogs.

This depends on the bus company providing the service. Please visit their website. As a general rule one bag of 20kgs per passenger, as well as, a small amount of hand lugguage will be applicable.

Most bus companies do permit food and drink to be brought on-board, however no alcohol is permitted. Please visit the terms and conditions of the service provider.

You require a valid passport to travel out of South Africa. You will not be allowed to board the bus if your travel documentation is not in order.

Please check your chosen service provider's specific terms and conditions in this regard. As a general rule children under 12 years of age are not allowed to travel alone.

This is not yet possible.

Any child under the age of two may sit on their guardian's lap, if the child is two years and older they must have their own seat.

Should you have a specific query pertaining to the model and seating layout of the bus you will be travelling on, the particular route, stops and onboard facilties such as wifi, television, charging points and ablutions, please contact the bus provider directly.

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